Become Part of Our Team


At Blackborder, we cherish creativity and dedication more than anything else. We don't confine our employees to cubicles and don't restrict them to the typical 9-5 working hours. We endorse a flexible working environment where each individual in our company can decide their hours and their working schedule. We trust our employees with this freedom because we know that a healthy and free working environment means a healthy and motivated mind. This independence allows our developers to always be at the top of their game. It gives them the edge to perform better and to approach each issue with a clutter free mind, allowing for continuous innovation to take place, and for creative problem solving.

Our Environment

Our current team consists of very passionate, diverse and vibrant individuals. Consequently, we are looking for the same type of qualities in our future recruits. We need creative, enthusiastic, interesting and responsible people with good communication skills. We value quality, reliability, and efficiency, and expect our employees to adhere to the same principles. Our projects are diverse and evolving, so flexibility is also important.


We are also looking for individuals who exhibit the following skills: have an ability to learn quickly, have good oral communication skills, can work cohesively in a team environment, have an ability to write and communicate clearly, are attentive to detail, are highly motivated, have good interpersonal skills, and have an ability to prioritize and multi-task. Along with these qualities, we are looking for the following technical skills: PHP, Drupal (installations and upgrades, theme development, custom module development), HTML, XML, jQuery, CSS, Apache, MYSQL, Git, and SVN.

Technical Skills

If you think you will be a perfect match for our team and the values we cherish and possess the above qualities and technical skills, please send us your résumé and a brief introduction describing yourself and highlighting your primary skills.

Our Values