User Badges

Maintained by Blackborder for over 4 years, User Badges is used by almost 2,000 websites today. It allows users to be given 'badges' which are displayed by their names.

Famous User Badges Websites

Of course nobody needs badges more than the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Both organisations make use of our module, allowing them to assign badges to scouts, show a list of all the badges that a scout has earned, and see the most popular badges in all of scoutdom.

  • User Badges

    A snapshot of recent visitors on the Boy Scout's site

  • User Badges

    Websites can view the badges users own in a variety of formats

  • User Badges

    Badges are highly configurable with multiple properties

Our Work on User Badges

We at Blackborder adapted the module for compatibility with thousands of badges when it could previously only handle a few dozen. We have made extensive changes and updates to the code to add features and improve stability, and we daily answer technical support requests about the module from the Drupal community.

The release of the User Badges module was significant as it provided websites with a way to establish user trust, or to incentivise users to participate. Many community based websites make extensive use of User Badges.

User Badges and Other Modules

User Badges easily integrates with other modules. It comes with full Rules integration allowing for admins to award badges or remove badges when certain rule conditions are met. For example, a rule can be set to assign a 'Novice' badge to all new users. Furthermore, if a user reaches a certain number of points, the rule can automatically award another badge, like 'Teacher' to the user. This kind of badge for points assignment gives users an added incentive to be active participants in the site and helps increase overall website traffic.